Trunzo Family Reunion - 2009

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The Trunzo Family Tree


Angela Vaccari and Salvator Trunzo






Bellata (Maria) Fusia Montesanti? and Salvatore Trunzo














Marie and Salvador Trunzo

Please browse through this website and send me updates as needed. Did I spell a name wrong, omit a new birth, or even get some outdated facts...just drop me an email with the correct information and I will be happy to update it for you.

Please send me all photos in a jpg format in a small file. I need one photo of each family together and one photo (mug shot) of each of the 'original' Trunzo bunch. If web space permits, I will be happy to 'add' seperate family album pages for each family member. But please wait before sending me any of these.

If you have some nice group photos you'd like to share please send them along as well. If I get a deluge, I will pick and choose what photos I will put up. Please keep a copy of the photos for youself since I won't be able to send any prints back to you. They will just be part of the archives here.

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Send all message and files to me at

Wear your family colors to the picnic. Don't know what your family colors are?

Check out the list below:

Trunzo Colors  

Here are the colors:

 Red -    Angeline & Nick D'Antonio

Black -  John & Kay Trunzo

White -  Joe & Mary Trunzo

Green - Victor & Dorothy Trunzo

Blue -    Ernest & Carmella Trunzo

Pink -    Paul & Olga Trunzo

Purple - Elizabeth & Pete Ploskina

Yellow - Rose & John & Michael Vaccaro

Orange - Nick & Betty Trunzo

Grey -   Anne & /Anthony Santangelo

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